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We are ready to serve the La Mirada community! This is our newest home and we want to be a part of your neighborhood. Stop in and say hello when you are in the area. Whether you need tire service or not, it would be a pleasure to get to know you and your family.

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There's New Ownership of Big O Tires - La Mirada

Since 2001, Big O Tires in Los Angeles has served many customers just like you. They were moms driving their kids to soccer practice and daily commuters that relied on the safety and integrity of their tires. Over those years, the LA community has come to know that we have their backs. Their tire safety is of the utmost importance to us as if they were our own family.


A new chapter

The time came for us to invest in a new location. It is time to spread our wings beyond the West Los Angeles area and become a part of a new community. To be honest, this new endeavor is quite exciting to us. We know that our loyal customer base will be with us always, so we opted to take on the Big O Tires franchise in La Mirada, California for expansion.

What's the problem?

It sounds like this location was a perfect match for us and we could ride off into the sunset. I wish it was that easy, but there was a complication involved.

You see, the previous owners let you down and didn’t work hard to earn your respect or trust. What we took on was a company that lacked heavily on the customer service side of the business. That isn’t okay for us!

After all these years, our main priority has been our customer’s satisfaction. Our clients in West Los Angeles became our family. When they needed service, we treated them with the same care we gave to our own mother, brothers, daughters and friends. That’s not just about business, that’s what’s right.

We REALLY get it!

Unhappy-customer-depicting the experience-of-previous-ownership

We're confident You'll love us!


How Do We Fix This?

We know we have to earn your trust and respect. That’s okay because we have confidence that once you come for a visit, you’ll be our friend for life. We plan to work tirelessly to build the same business in La Mirada as we did in Los Angeles. I dare say, it might even be better!

Our family has been in this business in the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Our skills and expertise are incomparable to other companies you’ve worked with. We have complete faith that if given the opportunity, we will astound you with the level of service you receive.

If you’ve ever taken your vehicle for service to the big, nationwide tire stores, then you know that personalized service is hard to find these days. Not with our shop! We aim to know you and personalize your experience as much as possible. When you are with us, you won’t feel like a burden.

What we offer?

Sometimes, you run into a jam and just need a tire guy. That is understandable. We are here for your emergencies and concerns.

We also want to be the go-to place for your maintenance needs. Other than our friendly spirits and impeccable customer service reputation, you are going to find the very best service options at prices that you can bear.

We keep our shop clean to offer you great service


Not enough?

If that isn’t enough reason to come say hi, how about all the special offers we have going on!

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